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CeBIT 2007: RELEX Returns to the European Market


On March 15 to 21, 2007, the international expo CeBIT 2007 took place in Hanover (Germany).

RELEX Group presented its products and technologies at this major international event as part of the exposition «Russia, CeBIT 2007 partner».

The RELEX delegation took part in the CeBIT 2007 opening ceremony, as well as in the Russian exposition opening ceremony conducted by Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Sergei Naryshkin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, and Leonid Reiman, Minister of IT and Communications of Russia.

RELEX presented the products and services offered by different divisions of the company group.

The visitors of the RELEX stand showed enormous interest in Linter, a system with a unique combination of features: rich functionality, simplicity, reliability and easy embeddability.

One of the main tasks of today’s electronic device vendors is storing and processing large amounts of data without using external storage devices. The majority of modern DBMSs are perfectly suited for this purpose, but they occupy a lot of memory space and require administration.

RELEX offers a version of Linter that has all necessary functionality, but, nevertheless, requires minimum memory space, and is reliable, fault-tolerant and high-performance.

This solution will meet the needs of industrial technological complex vendors and household appliance developers. It will enable such companies to offer their clients a fully functional data warehouse that does not require any special knowledge or administration skills from the user. Linter provides, data storage, data processing and high fault-tolerance. If, for instance, the application was incorrectly terminated due to a power cut, Linter will restart automatically, without the user’s assistance. All user’s data will be restored automatically.

The new version of NEVOD, equipped with visualization tools, also arose interest among the visitors of the expo.

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