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RELEX and Red Hat will propose a solution comprising a certified operating system and a DBMS


RELEX and Red Hat have reached an agreement on starting a partner relationship.

The companies plan to unite their developments to create a uniform solution providing high security of user information at the system level. The companies intend to develop and market a software package whose main components are Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and the DBMS Linter. Both software products have Russian state certificates in the area of data security. As a result, the Russian market will get the first packaged solution comprising a certified OS and a DBMS.

The solution by RELEX and Red Hat is targeted primarily at state enterprises having strict security requirements and using certified software tools. The experts from both partner companies think that the certified software package will not only facilitate the development of secure applications, but also allow the users to save time and money on providing security of system components and getting them certified.

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