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RELEX and Database Link - Strategic Partnership


RELEX Group and Database Link LLC announce the beginning of a new partnership program in which Database Link will market RELEX products in the USA.

The two companies have developed a strategy for promoting Russian products on the US market. According to this strategy, the products will be marketed under the joint trademarks “LINTER–dbLink” and “NEVOD-dbLink”. Besides, the companies have developed technical standards making it possible to quickly customize the Linter-NEVOD-dbLink package according to the client’s requirements.

DBMS Linter-dbLink has been known on the international RDBMS market for over 17 years, and is considered the data security leader among SQL servers, as well as an easily embeddable DBMS and an ideal choice for real-time systems. Using Linter-dbLink together with NEVOD-dbLink enables you to create simple and reliable data analysis systems with rich visualization facilities.

Having studied and tested the Russian DBMS, the Database Link experts found thatLinter-dbLink has a good chance of winning the trust of American customers. As a recognized system integrator, Database Link has selectedLinter-dbLink as a database server for SaaS (software-as-a-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service) business applications.

About DBMS Linter-dbLink

Linter is a high-performance cross-platform system providing efficient, reliable and secure database management in mission-critical systems, real-time systems, Web applications and distributed information systems. Linter-dbLink is available for a wide variety of hardware and software platforms, including pocket PC.

Linter is a world leader in data security among database management systems. The copyrighted data access and security methods protect our customers’ data and allow them to work securely even with top secret information.

Thanks to the unique data integrity and backup server support mechanisms, Linter-dbLink provides high reliability and fault-tolerance. Therefore users choose Linter-dbLink for mission-critical applications – nuclear reactor control and air traffic management systems.

For detailed information on DBMS Linter-dbLink: www.lintersql.com

About NEVOD-dbLink

NEVOD-dbLink is used to visualize connections between people, organizations and other objects stored in the information system.

NEVOD-dbLink is used for social network visualization. For this purpose, databases accumulated in other systems are converted to NEVOD-dbLink or entered manually.

NEVOD-dbLink allows building ad hoc queries, and their results are visualized on connection graphs. In addition, connection graphs in NEVOD-dbLink include automatic search for implicit connections between objects, customizable connection filters, and uniting several connection chains into a single connection.

NEVOD-dbLink is convenient for building data marts, since the system is designed for uniting data from various sources and removing duplicates identified according to identification rules.

About RELEX Group

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the field of data storage and processing. RELEX has been working on the IT market since 1990. RELEX offers services in application and system software design, development and support, information system development, and software customization according to the client’s requirements.

Working with government organizations has been one of our top priorities for many years. In 1994, RELEX started developing the first automated secure systems in Russia based on DBMS Linter. Nowadays Linter is used by hundreds of corporate clients in Russia and overseas.

RELEX offers products that are unique for the Russian IT market: DBMS Linter, information analysis systems, project management tools etc. According to the PC Magazine «BEST SOFT 2006» review, DBMS Linter has been acknowledged as one of the best Russian software products in the “Server Software” nomination.

 The company’s head office is located in Voronezh, Russia. For more information about RELEX Group: www.relex.ru

 About Database Link

 Database Link, LLC is an Auckland, NZ & Denver, CO based software development, marketing and IT outsourcing company. Custom database and web development have been our focus ever since 2002. From CRM and e-commerce design to NGOSS/OSS/BSS solutions implementing, we deliver cost effective and reliable systems for B2B and B2C businesses. Our expertise in system integration for implementing telecom/banking software is our competitive edge. We offer customized and fully integrated high-end packages CRM+ERP+PRM+Web at the most attractive prices. We offer our clients an advanced Software-as-a-Service distribution and on-demand applications marketplace.

For more information: http://www.dblink.co.nz

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