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RELEX Group has taken part in the scientific and technical conference “Corporate Databases-2008”


The technical conference “Corporate Databases” took place in the Red Hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium on April 24-25, 2008. This year RELEX, by tradition, acted as a partner and sponsor together with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

During these two days, the world leading DBMS vendors presented their reports focusing on the new functionality of their products and the future of the data warehouse market.

Mikhail Ermakov, the Chief Software Architect of RELEX, gave a talk on the topic “DBMS Linter in Real-Time Operating Systems”, about the unique capabilities of the Russian DBMS enabling it to function in real-time systems (asynchronous SQL queries, data sectioning, priority of queries, events, reliability mechanisms etc.).

Besides the capabilities of Linter, the features of various real-time OSs vere analyzed in this lecture. Special attention was devoted to some of the most interesting issues encountered by the RELEX team when developing DBMS for various real-time platforms.

As a conclusion, Mikhail outlined the goals of Linter development for the future, including the enhancement of the DBMS kernel using the microkernel technologies making it possible to update separate modules and add new functionality without stopping the DBMS.

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