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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 27.04.09


This document contains information on the major modifications implemented in the system from January to March 2009. For information on earlier modifications in DBMS Linter, please see the DBMS Linter Modifications List of 2008


  • Python interface: Django Python interface added, UNICODE problems eliminated.
  • ADO.NET 2.0/3.х interface: designer enhanced, provider connection window added, NULL value problem eliminated.
  • LINQT interface: BLOB value problems eliminated.

DBMS Kernel and SQL Translator

  • Partial support of analytical queries in SQL2003 syntax implemented (OVER (PARTITION BY ... ORDER BY...) construction support for aggregate functions added).
  • ROTARY TABLES added: if the predefined maximum number of rows in a table is exceeded, new rows will replace the oldest ones.
  • Limitations on sub-queries in SELECT removed.
  • New capabilities of the kernel for working with /LOG key: encoding data logging added.
  • Procedure parameter cash added to the SQL translator to optimize (reduce) the traffic.

Elimination of Problems

  • Problem with PRIMARY KEY AUTOROWID columns eliminated.
  • Problem with incorrect encoding of the GETSTR function result eliminated.
  • Problem with databases whose owner name contains small or non-Roman characters eliminated.
  • Problems with conversion from UTF-8 to single-byte encodings eliminated.
  • Incorrect optimization of queries with UNION ALL for VIEW corrected.
  • Problem with kernel looping during hot backup copying eliminated.
  • Incorrect operation of DROP SERVER command corrected.
  • Extra checks added to prevent problems with conflicting queries submitted by clients.
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