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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 13.07.09


This document contains information on the key modifications and additions implemented in the DBMS Linter during the 2nd quarter of 2009. The modifications are included in all the basic versions of the system. Most changes involve the interfaces and utilities of the system, the DBMS kernel, the SQL translator, as well as eliminate the problems detected.

  • ADO.NET interface: example for .NET 2 added, installation process corrected, unique GUIDs added, GetSchema formatting errors corrected.
  • PHP interface: PHP and PDO drivers united, naming algoriths for two or more columns of the same name modified.
  • JDBC interface: hibernate dialect copying added; CE support added; CLOB support implemented; client encoding support for versions 6.x added.
  • Ruby interface: number of parameters for some functions reduced (for using current tables); in many functions, error processing and error message generation, as well as return of self values (or arrays, rows, hash arrays, numbers) in any case added; error messages and their types in rb_raise functions changed to more detailed.
  • Graphic utilities: QT4 support added, middle mouse button support added.
  • In INL, a new message generation mechanism is implemented, making it possible to work in UTF-8; -С key added for managing the encoding of the interface and dialogs.
DBMS Kernel and SQL Translator
  • DBMS kernel reliability increased by eliminating situations involving the exclusion of pages currently in use.
  • DBMS kernel for Win32 can now be assembled using the GNU C compiler.
  • REBUILD command functionality enhanced by adding the following features: ability to restore seriously damaged data files; ability to ignore locking of tables by other channels.
  • Execution of procedures with arguments without the $$$PRCD table via the execute call implemented.
  • Logging of punctual changes in the database (CORRECT operation) implemented.
Elimination of Problems
  • Representation of information about AUTOROWID columns in INL corrected.
  • Output of information about CHECK integrity limitations in Lindesk and LindeskX corrected.
  • LindeskX assembly for OS MSVS corrected.
  • Hot backup copying: time and lost descriptor problems eliminated.
  • JDBC interface: problems associated with working with BLOB eliminated; metadata queries corrected; batch row reading error corrected.
  • Quick loading of AUTOINC, IDENTITY and GENERATED-columns corrected.
  • Initialization of attributes in the SNMP component corrected.
  • Search for the maximum/minimum by old structure indexes corrected.
  • Encoding problems eliminated: in VIEW; in table names (problems that led to creation of tables with the same name); in CHECK integrity limitations in version 5.9; in stored procedure argument names; in old and new trigger row pseudonyms.
  • Trigger problems eliminated: inactivation of system event triggers; possibility of creating triggers that will never be executed; with trigger counter overflow etc.
  • Problem with data eliminated: when executing PUTM importing BYTE/VARBYTE or NCHAR/NCHAR VARYING columns in case the order of rows in START APPEND does not match the order of rows in the table.
  • Network address viewing in the CHANNELS tables corrected.
  • Problem with recreating a global event corrected.
  • Error in working with network clients (leading to problems with accidental matching of process numbers of clients at different computers) corrected; cleaning of channels when completing a process in the pool mode added.
  • BLOB value replication problem eliminated.
  • Problems with disabling a row in the SQL translator cache in CP1251 eliminated.
  • Problems with user names containing meta symbols eliminated.
  • Problem in version 6.1 associated with cascade deletion of rows containing BLOB values eliminated.
  • LAST_ROWID pseudo-value problem in version 6.1 eliminated.
  • Kernel failure in case of syntactically incorrect SELECT query in SELECT eliminated.
  • User rights level granting problem eliminated.
  • Problems with restoration of data using the log if the time changed when going from file to file or during incorrect exit from the previous quantum eliminated.
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