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Premiere of new versions of DBMS Linter and Project Tracking


RELEX Group will be taking part in the national IT expo "SofTool 2009" that will take place at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow, October 27-30.

Throughout the 20 years of its existence, SofTool has rightfully earned a reputation of a central IT event of the year. SofTool welcomes the leading Russian software vendors presenting their newest developments in the field of data warehousing, processing, security and transfer.

RELEX will be presenting four new versions of DBMS Linter, and the alpha-version of the project management package "Project Tracking 2.0":

  • Linter Standard - basic version of the DBMS Linter product family, comprising easy administration, high performance and the functionality of a corporate DBMS;
  • Linter Real Time - special version of the DBMS intended for data processing and storage in a real-time environment. The system does not require administration while providing the necessary reliability, high performance and a universal interface of a relational DBMS;
  • Linter Bastion - special version of Linter with a certified data security system. This version is intended for use in systems with high data security requirements;
  • Linter Multiversion - special version of the DBMS providing parallel processing of concurrent transactions in a multi-version data model;
  • Project Tracking 2.0 - project, product and customer communication management package. PT 2.0 allows you to plan and control the entire project life-cycle: task setting, work planning, specifications management, staging, man-hours accounting, interaction with contractors.

The lead developers and managers of RELEX will be happy to answer your questions and discuss partnership opportunities with software development companies.

Welcome to SofTool 2009!

Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, Pavillion 69, Booth Е20, October 27-30.

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