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DBMS Linter Is the Laureate of PC Magazine/RE, BEST SOFT 2009


The editorial board of PC Magazine has awarded DBMS Linter the Best Soft 2009 prize, acknowledging Linter one of the best server programs on the Russian market.

The editorial board PC Magazine comments its choice: "This is one of the first full-scale DBMSs adapted for the Android platform. Linter was initially created for working in systems with limited computing resources, making it possible to process data in the real-time mode. The adaptation of Linter for this mobile OS opens new possibilities for application development - this is the first fully functional SQL-server for mobile phones with Android".

"Best Soft" is an annual survey held by PC Magazine/RE to select the most interesting and popular programs available to the Russian users. "Best Soft" has been held for several years already and proved itself as a reputable expert board in the field of application and system software.

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