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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 14.01.10



  • ldba support for Android (curses) added;
  • new code ported to os2000.


LINQT Interface
  • code pages support added for versions with 6.0 and 6.1 kernel.
ADO.NET Interface
  • .NET 4 beta 2. support added;
  • integration with VS without Developer License Key implemented;
  • integration with MONO2 added;
  • commandType.StoredProcedure processing added;
  • NullArgumentException problem fixed on Windows CE;
  • work with dates in non-Russian locale corrected;
  • getting the list of tables from user other than SYSTEM corrected.
OLEDB Interface
  • problems eliminated: writing values containing the '?' character into the database;
  • reading BLOB values consisting of several portions.
PERL Interface
  • BindParamArray() functionality corrected, minor errors eliminated.
ODBC Interface
  • length of values returned by ODBCGetData corrected; displaying the data truncation flag corrected.
JDBC Interface
  • build meta-information edited;
  • operation of the tracing subsystem corrected;
  • generation of exceptions when calling the setReadOnly(true) method removed.
RELAPI Library
  • support of various Window Managers redesigned;
  • focusing on various platforms for QT 2,3,4 elaborated;
  • new WM settings (entered via variable environments or command line parameters) introduced;
  • mechanisms for testing the environment type elaborated;
  • изменена форма выбора таблицы: table selection form modified (layout and filter changed, operations with user name containing quotation marks corrected);
DBExpress Interface
  • if columns have no names, pseudo-names are created automatically (e.g. count(*));
  • column duplication problem eliminated;
  • inout parameter length processing corrected;
  • return cursor processing corrected.
INTLIB Interface
  • recoding of values when displaying CHECK integrity limitations corrected.



  • correct operation of the HEADER command for multi-row queries and UTF-8 ensured.
  • calculation of size and percentage of loaded data for files over 2Gb corrected.
  • replication server support and configuration mechanisms enhanced. New database properties and settings added.
lindeskX (for MSVS)
  • operations with BLOB in query editors added;
  • external link addition form redesigned (filter added;
  • more visible elements added when opening comboboxes);
  • new functionality (tree setting) added;
  • it is now possible to hide database components (tables, views etc.) from the inspector tree and from the main panel, as well as set up and change hot keys for calling these elements;
  • problems with displaying BLOB values eliminated;
  • "wheel" support in Win32 and editing dialogs added;
  • displaying BLOB in JPEG corrected;
  • errors in loading some data types (in particular, BOOLEAN) corrected.
  • returning of system error codes corrected; hot backup system and lhb redesigned in order to eliminate the sensitive interval in continuous data changing.
  • "hanging" of GUI in the "wait" mode eliminated; asynchronous work enhanced.
  • object list testing corrected.
  • problem with index testing for system tables eliminated;
  • problems with deleting BLOB values when testing the database with the -r key in Linter Multiversion eliminated, including the page locking problems;
  • the behavior of testdb in case of incorrect physical size of the index page corrected.
  • returning of system error codes corrected.
  • loltp
  • loltp utility (support of distributed queries) enabled for QNX.
  • Example for Delphi redesigned. 
DBMS Kernel and SQL Translator:
  • New mechanism of working with BLOB values (using SQL queries) implemented.
  • Refreshing of indexes for system tables when creating/deleting temporary support Linter tables eliminated (to optimize the speed of executing complex queries creating temporary tables).
  • The use of /* +LAST */ hint for BETWEEN predicate enhanced (optimization of query execution speed).
  • DBMS components can now exchange messages up to 64K.
  • The internal structure of SQL translator buffers modified (additional buffer for temporary structures implemented), making it possible to increase the maximum size of queries.
  • Possibility to cache translated queries to avoid double translation added (by default, this feature is disabled).
  • Debugging call of the call stack when generating a dump file for Windows enabled.
  • A new variant of interaction between DBMS components (via QNX and shared memory) implemented in QNX.

Elimination of problems:

  • Corrections made for proper saving of results of working with BLOB by LHB.
  • Loss of connection in case of 4 backup servers and 2 disabled servers in QNX eliminated.
  • BLOB logging in Linter Multiversion corrected.
  • Corrections of logging subsystem made for correct operation of the kernel in the hot backup mode.
  • Rollback of reference integrity operations in cursors for versions with 5.9 and 6.0 kernel corrected (the problem with sequence of rolled-back cursor affecting the rollback result).
  • Problem of rolling back a transaction in the exclusive mode (transaction consisting of a single operation returning an error) corrected.
  • Problem with row visibility in Linter Multiversion during intensive work with BLOB and reference integrity corrected.
  • Row cleanup problem in Linter Multiversion (conversion of version rows to non-version rows) eliminated.
  • Uncalled rollback of changes in a channel doing data cleanup forbidden.
  • Problem with assigning field value to a newly added record in a trigger (if the field is not on the INSERT list) eliminated.
  • Excessive table locking for SELECT FOR UPDATE in Linter Multiversion eliminated (now only selected rows are locked).
  • Optimization of calculation of single-variable predicates when working with an aggregative index corrected.
  • Event subsystem initialization problem eliminated.
  • Problem with alternation of SQL queries and BLOB commands in a certain sequence eliminated.
  • CHECK condition check during quick data loading added.
  • Error when deleting a table for which a global event is created eliminated.
  • Problem in case TEST TABLE is the first command after the DBMS kernel start eliminated.
  • Problems with executing complex queries with analytical functions eliminated.
  • Correct closing of LINTER.LOG file after cleanup added.
  • Use of indexes when calculating the NVL function result corrected.
  • Problem with possible sending of a message to client when executing an event trigger eliminated.
  • Cyclic table problem in versions with 6.х kernel (in case there are no '(after|before) delete ... for each row' triggers while triggers of other types are present) corrected.
  • Problem with stored transaction events (when the insert event after reloading the kernel does not work) eliminated.
  • The MBX parameter value in Windows is now displayed correctly.
  • Problem when trying to enter a two-byte character into a single-byte field on MSBF platforms corrected.
  • Parameter type problem when executing a pre-translated EXECUTE PROCEDURE query in 6.x versions eliminated along with parameter encoding problems.
  • Incorrect behavior of the SQL translator in case of UNION ALL query optimization error corrected.
  • Processing of ENCODE_STRING function with three arguments corrected.
  • Problem with bit operations with operands of different types eliminated.
  • TOCHAR function call from stored procedures implemented for BOOL.
  • Memory leak of kernel channels when executing complex queries with OR eliminated.
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