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DBMS Linter – 20 Years on the IT Market


In July, 2010, DBMS Linter celebrates its 20th anniversary on the IT market.

The history of the Russian DBMS goes back to 1980, to the period of formation of relational data processing systems theory. By 1983, by government order, a relational DBMS "BARS" for the real-time operating system RAFOS (prototype of RT-11) for SM EVM computers was successfully implemented.

In 1985, the system developers accepted the concept of mobility, compatibility and openness. As a result, In 1990, a new line of DBMSs was developed, and they were compatible with most of the hardware and software platforms that were in use at that time: from Electronica-85 and Intel 8086 control modules to СМ1702 computer systems, Electronica 82, and their VAX prototypes.

In 1990, the DBMS development team founded the research and production company "RELEX" ("Relational Expert Systems") to develop and use cutting-edge DBMS technologies. The first version of Linter was launched at that time.

Since 1994, the DBMS has been developing in different directions. Apart from the commercial release, special versions, including those for the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, were created as part of government projects.

In 2002, in collaboration with the Japanese company Brycen, RELEX released a special version of Linter for mobile phones, pocket computers, household appliances and electronics that became one of the best embedded DBMSs on the East Asian market.

The main advantages of Linter are its versatility, reliability, security, Russian FSTEC certification, maximum embeddability and real-time support.

At present, Linter is used by hundreds of Russian and foreign companies in many fields of industry for uranium enrichment, oil production, nuclear reactor control, passenger traffic security, air traffic control, operation of business, machine control etc., while the DBMS itself has become a family of databases including four specialized servers: Linter Bastion, Linter Real Time, Linter Standard and Linter Multiversion.

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