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DBMS Linter for Linux XP Desktop Secure Edition


RELEX Group and Trustverse, Ltd. have announced successful completion of porting DBMS Linter to Linux XP Desktop Secure Edition.

The issue of secure certified Russian DBMS Linter for the all-purpose platform Linux with additional security facilities guarantees the safety of confidential information and allows building a reliable personal data protection system that has practically no disadvantages.

As known from the practice of computer fraud prevention and from multiple examples of hacker attacks on government organizations, private corporations and financial centers, cyber criminals go round the security complex and find the most vulnerable component in the system. This should be born in mind that the more security tools, the better, and integrated protection starts with the protection of each element – the OS, the DBMS, the applications etc.

Linux XP Desktop Secure Edition is a general-purpose OS equipped with additional data security tools based on the Linux kernel. The product can be used for processing confidential information in automated systems up to Class 1G inclusive, and personal data in information systems up to Class K2 inclusive.

DBMS Linter is a relational database system certified by the Russian FSTEC as compliant with Class 2 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capabilities absence control, permitted for use for data protection in personal data information systems up to Class 1 inclusive.

Company Profiles:

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the area of data security, warehousing and processing. RELEX has been on the IT market since 1990. The company group offers services in application and system software development, design, manufacturing and support, as well as customization of software systems. RMCSoft, a member of RELEX Group, offers IT outsourcing services to Russian and foreign customers.

Trustverse is a leading Russian developer of software systems based on open-source applications. Trustverse is a member of "Informzaschita" company group. "Informzaschita" Group specializes in information security of automatic control systems, and has been the leader on the RUssian information security market for over 10 years.

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