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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 14.10.10


RELEX Group has published the quarterly report on the major modifications and updates in all basic versions of DBMS Linter made during the last three months. Most modifications concern the DBMS kernel, the SQL translator, various utilities and interfaces, enhancing and updating the Linter subsystems.


UNIX platforms:

  • versions for mobile platforms IPhone and Android optimized;
  • distributions for FreeBSD and Solaris 10 platforms updated;
  • PHP, Python, Ruby interface configuration procedures corrected.



  • problems associated with the extension of the exchange buffer eliminated;
  • error tracing added.


  • operations with data type precision and scale optimized;
  • Mono 2 support in Linux added;
  • integration with Mono Developer 2 improved.


  • current version interface build with old QT versions provided;
  • recoding of CHAR parameters in QT 4.x modified;
  • loading large BLOB values optimized.


  • working with several BLOB objects optimized;
  • examples added to the distribution.



  • operations with DBF files optimized;
  • work with phrasal indexes improved;
  • integration with lhbx improved;
  • integration with SNMP improved.


  • application message output mechanism changed;
  • support of encodings in kernel version 5.9 added;
  • operations with encodings in versions 6.0 and greater updated;
  • object sorting when showing the selection for saving added;
  • problem diagnostics improved.


  • object name setting support in OWNER.NAME format added;
  • possibility to save relative paths to BLOB files added;
  • encoding support in kernel version 5.9 added;
  • operations with encodings in versions 6.0 and greater updated;
  • possibility not to save information about database object encodings added;
  • separate raw or entire table locking order in uploading changed.


  • working with encodings, including UTF-8;
  • relative file paths;
  • interface;
  • additional settings;
  • restoring objects taking into account the dependencies order;


  • processing command line keys and scripts by lhbx and lhbw32 interfaces optimized;
  • lhbx-lindeskx interaction interface redesigned.


  • CHECK integrity limitations checking updated in kernel version 6.1 and for NULL values;
  • check of REAL values in indexes improved;
  • check of the inner structure of phrasal indexes strengthened.


  • SNMP-manager significantly redesigned;
  • two administration modes: full and light;
  • tree state storage implemented;

DBMS kernel and SQL translator:

  • possibility of deleting a table column (ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN), including cascade deletion, added;
  • two-phase commit (PREPARE TRANSACTION, COMMIT PREPARED) support added;
  • possibility to manage closing of subordinate cursors in COMMIT and ROLLBACK commands (RELEASE option) added;
  • query execution result cache implemented;
  • interval time operations allowed;
  • lengthy message exchange between the DBMS kernel and the SQL translator redesigned;
  • exclusion of unnecessary information from pre-translated queries and information duplication prevention optimized in order to reduce the query size;
  • quantization of IN/NOT IN predicate calculation in the absence of indexes implemented;
  • operation of the DBMS kernel in the hot backup copying mode optimized;
  • phrasal index updating enhanced.
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