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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 17.01.11


RELEX Group has published an official report on major modifications and updates implemented in all the major versions of DBMS Linter during the 4th quarter of 2010. Most modifications concern interaction with various operating systems, the operation of the kernel, SQL translator, various utilities and interfaces, improving and updating the Linter subsystems.

For details, please see DBMS Linter Modifications List of 17.01.11.

DBMS Linter Modifications List of 17.01.11


Windows (32-byte):

  • Hibernate dialect added to the distribution;
  • diagnostics of kernel component startup problems improved.


  • operation in the password input mode in Linter console utilities (dbstore, loarel) improved.
  • start of pthread libraries in the process of building shared libraries regulated.


  • single-thread exchange optimized by sending signals less frequently;
  • ODBC build with driver manager optimized.



  • NHibernate support considerably improved.


  • search for UnixODBC configuration file improved;
  • work with attribute names optimized.


  • work with NCHAR VARYING values in JDBC server optimized;
  • readme files updated.


  • table and column name support in the mixed register added for QT4.

PCL (embedded SQL):

  • it is now possible to translate queries with internal view size over 8K (up to 64К).


lindeskx: multiple modifications and updates

  • work with external editor of BLOB files improved;
  • information loading procedures unified;
  • it is now possible to set up the behavior of shared panels for the query editor;
  • it is now possible to work with QT4;
  • displaying of information about AUTOINC columns enhanced.


  • receiving a signal while waiting for the user’s response set up;
  • code unified with other utilities.


  • receiving a signal while waiting for the user’s response set up;
  • code unified with other utilities;
  • columns GENERATED BY DEFAULT are saved.


  • in lhbx, the output of information in the results window enhanced to avoid overfilling of the buffer;
  • in lhbx, the appearance of the complete database saving dialog changed;
  • it is now possible to work with QT4;
  • work with data block when aborting saving changes optimized.


  • checking of the database including multi-byte encodings enhanced;
  • checking of the indexes for databases with extended security settings optimized.


  • it is now possible to work with QT4;
  • object tree navigation enhanced.


  • MySQL5 support added;
  • support of latest MS SQL versions added.

DBMS kernel and SQL translator:

  • possibility of sorting broad records added (the total size of the columns by which sorting is performed is now limited not by 4K, but by MAX RECORD SIZE, i.e. can be up to 64K);
  • it is now possible to regulate the maximum memory size used by the channel for query processing. This size may now exceed 64K (which was not allowed previously);
  • creation of bit vectors for temporary tables optimized to streamline the processing of queries with grouping);
  • quantization of processing queries that require renumbering of response improved (primarily queries to VIEW and those containing sub-queries in FROM constructions);
  • database recovery process after kernel failures, including the backup copying mode, optimized;
  • phrasal index rebuilding enhanced (concurrent rebuild of phrasal indexes, NULL values and empty values in phrasal indexes, phrasal index queue). Phrasal index subsystem diagnostics enhanced;
  • work with global temporary tables optimized.
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