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Sales Volume of DBMS Linter in Asia Reaches 30 000 000 Copies


On April 7, 2011, Brycen, a Japanese partner of RELEX Group, published the information on the DBMS Linter sales volume on one of the world’s most advanced IT markets.

On the Japanese Web site of Linter (www.linter.jp), it is stated that the total sales volume of the Russian DBMS (since 2002) has reached 30 000 000 copies.

Thanks to the high reliability of Linter and to Brycen’s efforts, in less than 10 years the Russian DBMS has become one of the most popular embedded systems in the South-East Asia, and is used in devices manufactured by SONY, Sony Ericsson and Kenwood.

The embedded DBMS Linter is used in:

  • Mobile phones and pocket computers;
  • audio and video devices (home theaters, mini systems, karaoke);
  • home TV (Set Top Boxes);
  • GPS navigators;
  • Parking meters;
  • Emergency vehicle systems;
  • Industrial equipment.

RELEX Group congratulates its Japanese partners and wishes them further success in promoting Russian technologies on the Asian market.

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