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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 20.04.2011


RELEX Group has published the official report on the most important modifications and updates implemented in all the basic versions of DBMS Linter during the 1st quarter of 2011. Most modifications concern the interaction with some platforms, the work of the DBMS kernel, SQL translator, various utilities and interfaces, significantly enhancing the Linter subsystems.


QNX Photon

  • Graphic SNMP administrator added.

DBMS Kernel and SQL Translator:

  • MERGE operation functionality (alternative INSERT/UPDATE in case of absence/presence of some data in a table) implemented according to the SQL standard.
  • Quantization of phrasal index updating provided.
  • CREATE IF NOT EXISTS syntax allowed (creating a database object if it does not exist).
  • It is now allowed to assign specific-type data to a general-type geodata column.
  • It is allowed to use grouped CASE and CAST expressions in a HAVING construction.
  • The allowed file name length for EXTFILE values decreased by 1 (to 511 characters) to avoid potential problems.



  • Library extended to support work (including concurrent work) associated not only with connections, but also with connection cursors.

Stored Procedure Language:

  • User exception numbering enhanced (conflict of system and user exception numbers eliminated). The existing stored procedures involving user exceptions need to be recompiled.


  • OLEDB interface redesigned to improve performance, stability, and to implement additional interfaces.



  • Possibility to work in a mode other than default mode added.
  • EXECUTE BLOCK processing added.


  • It is now possible to get a file containing the names of uploaded columns (new key "-cl" - "column list").


  • Table testing after bitmap extension rollback enhanced (for cases when the physical file size is different from its logical size).
  • Testing result reporting enhanced (for cases when there are warnings but no errors are detected).

dbc_tcp (client network driver):

  • New utility ported to Win32. Network interface performance significantly increased in comparison to standard.
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