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Linter Modifications List of 18.07.2011


RELEX Group has published the report on the major modifications and updates made in all the basic versions of DBMS Linter during the 2nd quarter of 2011. Most modifications concern interaction with various platforms, operation of the DBMS kernel, SQL translator, utilities and interfaces, significantly improving the Linter subsystems.


  • Sample SQL queries corrected. Some texts of error messages in the English and Russian versions corrected.


  • DBMS Linter ported to Elbrus-3M1.

DBMS kernel and SQL translator:

  • Alternative file format support (with bursting bitmaps) added in order not to move the pages when extending a file to improve reliability and performance.
  • Work with the channel queue optimized to improve multithread support in the future.
  • Compound external key building optimized to work with large-size tables of the external and primary/unique key.
  • Express JOIN query processing optimized to avoid drastic increase of pre-translated query size in case of multiple express JOIN.
  • Predicate calculation order optimized for queries with external references to quicken query processing.
  • For DevExpress support, it is now allowed to omit the COLUMN word in the ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN syntax.



  • New version support added.


  • Choice of system libraries for the build optimized.

Perl (DBI):

  • Repeated execution of pre-translated queries with changed parameters optimized. No memory leak or premature resource deallocation.


  • It is now possible to set the encoding for connection for Linter 6.0; unsigned client data types support implemented.


  • Submission of several statements by one cursor enhanced.



  • User characteristics management interface redesigned.


  • Uploading of small-sized BLOB values optimized, increasing the performance twice.


  • Incorrect diagnostics of problems in geometric-type column indexes eliminated; diagnostics of files unavailable for writing in the database corrected.

dbc_tcp ((client network driver):

  • GUI considerably enhanced.

dbs_tcp (client network driver):

  • Utility ported to Windows x32 as an alternative to the specialized utility for Windows x32. In the future, it is planned to redesign the graphic interface.


  • Necessary corrections associated with lhb optimization made to improve reliability.

lhb (including support in the kernel):

  • Behavior in the dbonly mode optimized. Multi-block transfer of the log implemented. Work in the wait mode without incremental archiving improved. Simple one-column index creation time setting during the lhb archive recovery corrected.


  • Buffer processing optimized; possibility of setting an incorrect parameter in a query to ODBC eliminated.
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