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DBMS Linter Modifications List of 20.04.2012


DBMS Kernel and SQL translator:

  • It is now forbidden to delete base tables and views that have references from views (in standard DROP TABLE/VIEW), including cascade drop (using DROP TABLE/VIEW CASCADE), which guarantees the integrity of the database and eliminates possible discrepancies between interdependent tables and views during operations that may lead to such discrepancies.
  • “GROUP BY primary_key” syntax added, making it possible to write GROUP BY T.PK (where PK is the primary key of the T table) instead of GROUP BY T.C1, T.C2,... and improving the readability of GROUP BY queries by eliminating the duplicates of all non-aggregated result columns from the GROUP BY construction.
  • CASE construction format enhanced: it is now possible to enumerate several values in a WHEN construction. Also, the selection in a CASE construction may be based not only on the scalar value, but also on the row constructor.
  • Row processing functionality enhanced: OVERLAY function added to replace a substring in a string to the specified string. The source string, the target substring and the replacing string may be expressions.
  • Performance of index search operations enhanced (in some cases twice compared to the previous versions).
  • LOCALTIME, LOCALTIMESTAMP, CURRENT_DATE and CURRENT_TIME pseudo-values support added to make the work with the local time more convenient.
  • DBMS kernel shutdown without warning allowed for background row purge (for Linter Multiversion).
  • Date output formats in kernel logs and testdb corrected and unified.
  • The situation with performance drop when reading long BLOB values (when the call interface does not expressly specify the BLOB column number) corrected.
  • Sorting stack size for hierarchic queries increased.

Work Enhancements:

  • With log processing end during recovery (when it is possible to ignore the local failure and continue processing.
  • With omitting the deletion of table files during restart if the creation of the table was interrupted during the previous session.
  • With BLOB processing in the log during hot backup copying.
  • In case of index damage.
  • With BLOB files in the old (continuous) bitmap format.
  • With counting page numbers in the new (interrupted) bitmap format.
  • With restoring databases containing files over 2Gb
  • With using one sequence by different channels in one connection.
  • With trigger/procedure channel rollback.
  • With quick data loading in case of long buffer.
  • With determining the sorting pool size in case of increased record size limit.
  • With DIFFERENCE and SOUNDEX functions with parameters in an encoding other than CP866.
  • With loading BLOB values longer than the maximum size limit.
  • With creating/dropping indexes concurrently with other operations.
  • With optimization of queries with multiple connections containing ROWID and ROWTIME column calls.
  • With hierarchic query sorting on QNX.
  • With the kernel memory pool during the TEST TABLE command execution.
  • With processing of incorrectly described code pages.
  • With locking/unlocking pages when working with global events.
  • With saving multi-row text of stored events.
  • With the work of the /OUTFLIMIT key on Win32.
  • With automatic elimination of some problems with the database (when the database file bitmap does not correspond to the distribution of various page types in it).

Data Security and Enciphering:

  • It is now possible to use cryptoalgorithms from the openssl library to encipher data, calculating the checksums, and customizing this functionality.
  • GOST protocol and AES256 support in network utilities added.
  • openssl can now be used for hot backup copying.
  • Client and server ssl authentication for TLS protocol using certificates added (along with support of withdrawn certificate lists).


  • Shared memory for sorting is now allocated using the mmap mechanism (instead of the less effective and less reliable ipc sysv) for Linux.
  • Linter distribution build for Android enhanced, including the cross-build on Win32.
  • Linter distribution for Sparc Solaris assembled by the gcc compiler tested and corrected.



  • New interface for working with BLOB values added.
  • New examples added, including the new BLOB data interface work example.
  • “No data” situation processing corrected.


  • php 5.4 support added.


  • UTF8 encoding auto-detection added.


  • Parameter buffer relocation during its extension improved.
  • LinterDbConnectionStringBuilder class extended (default value support added).


  • Thread stack enlarged to avoid possible problems.


  • GetAnswerInfo function work improved (column description array format modified – indexes are now numbers, not names).

Stored Procedure Language:

  • Default values for BYTE and VARBYTE parameters added (using the HEXTORAW construction).
  • Constant value for VARCHAR parameters when calling a procedure from a query improved.



  • The set of processed SQL window commands increased (inl utility commands added).


  • The database can be optionally loaded to a single file (-sf key)./li>


  • Index check is no longer interrupted prematurely.


  • Quick loading of tables containing BOOLEAN fields improved.
  • Problem diagnostics when loading tables with AUTOINC –fields improved.


  • Quick interface enabling after disabling.
  • Checkpoint information can be transferred between servers in all cases.


The following documentation files have been updated:

  • DBMS Setup on Win32.
  • DBMS Setup on UNIX and QNX.
  • DBMS Startup and Shutdown on Win32.
  • DBMS Startup and Shutdown on UNIX and QNX.
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