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DBMS Linter for RISC Processors


RELEX Group has completed the adaptation of DBMS Linter for the software environment functioning in devices with low-power RISC processors intended for small-scale data acquisition, processing and transfer tasks.

Despite the more than modest technical characteristics of such devices (e.g. processor with frequency of 192 MHz and RAM of 64 Mb), DBMS Linter makes it possible to expand their capabilities significantly, to regulate the data storage and processing, to simplify the software development process, and to increase the overall reliability of the system.

Hardware and software devices based on low-power RISC processors are used in management, control and measurement industrial complexes, in SCADA systems to manage programmable logical controllers, in medicine etc. The most well-known computers of this class are MOXA (IA, UC), TechBase NPE, iMod), EnCore. The main advantages of such devices are their compactness, fanless implementation and possibility to install them on a DIN rail or on a flat surface.

One of the key advantages of DBMS Linter is its ability to work under strict resource limitations. Linter is successfully used by the major manufacturers of home electronics and household appliances (Sony, Kenwood), as well as giant companies, such as Surgutneftegaz and Gazprom (SovTIGaz).

The successful adaptation of the certified secure DBMS Linter for low-power devices with RISC processors is yet another proof of the great potential of the Russian DBMS on the embedded solutions market, both in the industrial sector and in the user segment.

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