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DBMS Linter BASTION will Get State Support


The licensed Russian Database Management System Linter Bastion manufactured by RELEX (Voronezh) has been included into the list of innovation projects to be supported by the government. The Innovation and Development Agency reports on its official Web site that the decision was taken at the cross-sectoral committee meeting for giving state (municipal) support to small and medium-size businesses.

It is worth mentioning that RELEX will get state support of its project for the first time in 20 years of support and successful implementation of the Russian product in various areas, including strategically important ones, such as defense, oil-and-gas, nuclear, aviation, telecommunication and other industries.

Linter BASTION is the only Russian DBMS certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense as compliant with Class 2 and 3 requirements for protection from unauthorized access and with Level 2 of undocumented capabilities absence control, and allowed for use in projects dealing with state secret information.

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